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  • Do you know a good restaurant or overnight stay that people ought to try? Maybe it's somewhere you have eaten lunch for years, maybe it's a new B&B you want people to know about. Send me a note and I'll check it out!


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I graduated from college with just one goal in life—to drive across the country and camp out on Brian Wilson’s front lawn. That two-month road trip (only the first part was successful) led to a love of travel by car and an appreciation for all those less-visited stops along the way. I write about what I like and I'm not comped for it so you're getting my honest thoughts (and if I ever do get comped, I'll be up front about that). Most of my work in Pennsylvania-related but I do go elsewhere occasionally! When I'm not on the road I write, edit books and journals for various presses, and teach writing. My first book, The Best Places You’ve Never Seen: Pennsylvania’s Small Museums, was published in 2003 and is still in print. My next book, on cool overnight stays in PA, is in the works (almost finished!). I call Martini Rock on Blue Mountain home.